You got this birth thing.
You just might not know it yet.

It's totally normal to feel a bit nervous, anxious or even scared to give birth for the first time. What you need right now is an expert friend to guide you along the way and equip you and your labor support with the info, tools, and strategies you need to rock & celebrate this birth!

YES, I wanna rock it!



with Lisa Greaves Taylor



(could there possibly be a better way to enter into the daunting realm of parenthood?!)


So you’ve already heard that you should prepare for this life-changing event of becoming a parent by taking childbirth classes.


Expectant parents often sign up for a basic, brief, a la carte hospital Lamaze class, not realizing that they’ll usually just be told the hospital’s policies and how to be a “good patient.” Not thorough; not helpful.


Does it rub you the wrong way when someone says, “All that matters is healthy baby, healthy mom,”…even if it was a negative or traumatic experience for her or her partner?

That's flat-out BS, my friend, but too many expectant parents don't realize it soon enough. What the well-intended means is PHYSICALLY okay, but this is insensitive. You already know there’s so much more to our well-being than the physical. You want (well, NEED) strategies to cope well with the intensity of labor and to make informed choices that’ll protect your mental & emotional wellness as you become a parent.


Mistake #1: Choosing the Wrong Care Provider

The first time around, most people don’t know what questions to ask in order to be sure their care provider’s style aligns with the kind of birth they hope to have until it’s too late to switch.

Mistake #2: A “We’ll just wing it” approach

You don’t know what you don’t know until you know it. Your future self--and family--will thank you for investing the time, energy & resources into preparing both yourself and your partner for this huge life transition.

Mistake #3: Assuming the epidural is the only way to go

Yep, it’s what most of our friends who've given birth swear is true. But here's the thing: any strong medication carries risk. While medications are useful at times, it’s important to learn the benefits AND risks of this and other common interventions before the big day so you’ll feel good about your informed choices on the other side of birth.


Nope, you're gonna take action toward a birth you LOVE.



The Complete A to Z Childbirth Class for the Smart, Savvy Expectant Parents, From Excited but Nervous to Confident & Prepared


is the only set of online childbirth classes to offer this totally rockin' combination to best meet your needs (click each box for more details):

You can take this birth class series as many times as you like in this pregnancy and any future pregnancies. You’ll also have access to any & all future updates made to the course so you’ll have the most current, relevant info available.

Most labor and delivery classes, Lamaze pregnancy classes, and even Lamaze classes online only prepare expectant parents for birth but not much, if anything, after birth (or you have to pay separately for those topics).

This course includes breastfeeding classes & newborn care classes as well as the oft-neglected yet oh-so important postpartum wellness. It's the equivalent of Lisa’s 15-hour, in-person class series, plus some extra/bonus content we don't usually have time to cover in live classes.

Sometimes it's just plain impossible to squeeze in-person pregnancy classes into your schedule. This is a fantastic option you can take whenever & wherever is convenient for you with a user-friendly interface you can view on your computer, tv, tablet or phone. The lessons are organized into brief, easily completed videos so you can fit them into your brief moments of downtime.

These online birthing classes are presented in mostly video, some audio, and Powerpoint slide format. To make the most efficient use of time, the course is mostly lecture, but with an entire module devoted to bodywork so that you can get hands-on practice with a labor support partner on labor positions and comfort measures for pregnancy and labor.

You’ll learn what studies have shown us that inform your pragmatic birth choices as well as strategies to avoid preventable interventions. You’ll learn what your rights are in labor & postpartum. You’ll learn how to trust & listen to your body, mind & intuition to cope well with the challenges of giving birth. Stuff a hospital (=business-based) class doesn't usually offer.

You have limited time in pregnancy (duh). This course makes super-efficient use of time to pack in all the info you need to know in as short a time as possible, broken down into bite-size, easily consumable videos. Lisa’s all for practicality!

This online birthing class is perfect for any birth environment -- hospital, birthing center, or home birth, and doesn't follow any one birth "method", but draws from the strengths of various philosophies (Bradley classes, Hypnobirthing classes, & Lamaze classes) to give you the most balanced, well-rounded preparation.

Every module spends time giving labor support partners actionable tips to expertly support the laboring parent.

Having a baby puts your relationship with your beloved to the test like nobody’s business. Therefore, you gotta do everything you can to deepen your connection with your partner now. This is a special focus unique to these online prenatal classes; Lisa gives a number of discussion prompts and practical tips to nurture your relationship.

While this set of online birthing classes does explore benefits of alternative modalities such as acupuncture & aromatherapy, as well as strategies for caring for yourself and your baby in holistic, natural, time-tested ways, this course is otherwise non-crunchy-granola. A recent student praised Lisa's teaching as, "the perfect combo of evidence-based content with the perfect amount of crunchy sprinkled in."

Lisa has developed & taught this custom curriculum to thousands of expectant parents to rave reviews. She regularly updates and streamlines it, too, as new research and findings develop. As an online course member, you'll have access to those updates.

Check just a few of our stellar reviews from birth class students below (and also on Yelp as “Birth Matters NYC”).

One student -- NYC Labor & Delivery Nurse and 1st time expectant parent, Sarah Hoke -- recently said, "I really enjoyed the classes...Lisa was like a sweet, nurturing mama to us new parents-to-be, guiding us on this huge and overwhelming topic of birth and becoming parents. The class was hugely helpful and educational. I learned so much that I didn't know I needed to know. I wish everyone would get the opportunity to learn this information. I wouldn't have changed anything."

"Lisa teaches a comprehensive birth class with thoughtfulness, care, and humor all with evidence-based research. This class confirmed our choice to have a natural childbirth and made us so excited for labor. We are fully confident and joyous to begin labor. Thank you, Lisa! You are a true gift to pregnant families on their journey to have amazingly positive birth experiences that are tailored to each family's wants and needs."

Nora G. & Michael E.

"Your class did much more than just inform Bobby and me, it also opened up a dialogue that we wouldn't have had otherwise. It truly changed our relationship for the better. It was the best takeaway, as relationships can fall on the wayside during this life changing event."

Mariana & Bobby

"This class was fantastic, providing a wealth of useful information on a variety of topics and expert advice based on research. There was information provided for many types of birthing making it appealing to just about anyone. A great deal of advice was given to partners and how we can help with the process...this class presented the material in such a way that it made us feel safe and prepared without being intimidated. In addition, as a teacher myself I was extremely impressed with how Lisa communicates the information very clearly and makes it engaging for long periods of time...Thanks again for a wonderful class."

Anthony E.

What's in it for me?

The Birth Matters Complete Online Course with veteran NYC childbirth educator & birth doula Lisa Greaves Taylor is an evidence-based & comprehensive childbirth education class that gets you thoroughly prepped on all of the following topics:

PART 1: Get Ready for Your BEST Birth

Reframing Birth Toward Confidence & Ease

  • Anatomy of Pregnancy & Birth (aka Your Body is Built for This)
  • Physiology & Hormones of Labor (aka Rock the Cultural Norms Boat)
  • Assembling Your Ideal Birth Team & A Smarter Approach to Birth Plans
  • Pre-Labor Signs & How Do I Know I'm in Labor?

The Lowdown on Labor Stages

  • Stages of Labor with Practical Tips for Partners 
  • When Do I Leave for the Hospital/Birthing Center?
  • Comfort Measures Hands-on Practice (Labor Positions, Massage, Counterpressure & Rebozo Techniques)

All the Hospital Stuff You Gotta Know

  • Hospital Protocols, Induction & Monitoring - What's Evidence-Based vs Unnecessary?
  • Pain Medications - Options, Benefits, Risks, & Support Tips for Partners
  • Assisted Birth (Vacuum, Forceps, Episiotomy, Cesarean, Gentle Cesarean Techniques, & Cesarean Tips for Partners)
  • Smart Self-Advocacy Strategies for Avoiding Unnecessary Intervention

PART 2 - Postpartum Wellness, Breastfeeding & Newborn Care*

Postpartum Wellness

  • What the Heck's Going on with My Body?!
  • Realigning & Protecting Your Pelvic Floor & Abdominal Health 
  • Protecting Your Mental & Emotional Wellness
  • Partner Tips for Supporting Wellness & Strengthening Your Relationship

Taking Care of (Baby) Business 

  • Everything You Need to Know to Get Off to a Good Start Breastfeeding, Pumping, Bottle-Feeding & Caring for Baby 
  • How Partners Can Support Breastfeeding & Bond with Baby
  • Do people still burp & swaddle? (yes, and how to do those)
  • Must I Deal with Poop? (yes, and how to do it smartly & quickly)
  • How Do I Make All the Crying Stop (for the Love of All That's Holy!)?

And to make sure you're supported every step of the way, you'll also get access to:

  • Practical (and Awesome) Cheat Sheet Downloads (est. $99 value)
  • Hand-Curated Reference Items & Resources (so you don't need to venture into the scary world of Dr. Google on your own)(est. $249 value)
  • Birth Matters' YouTube playlist with super-handy videos (est. $149 value)
  • Private Birth Matters Student & Alumni Facebook Community group (est. $199 value) where you'll
    • Get your most pressing questions answered by Lisa, who pops into the group regularly, or other community members
    • Learn from other expectant & new parents
    • Develop friendships and find potential playdates
    • Hear about resources for pregnancy and parenting.
  • All future updates to course and materials

Sensational VIP upgrade options:

  • Private 30-minute virtual, interactive coaching session with Lisa ($50)
  • Private 45-minute virtual, interactive comfort measures workshop ($75)

It all adds up to a value of over $1,500, but The Complete Course is yours for only $349.

(What a steal when you consider what you spent on your wedding, and likely even just the dress!)

THE “WE GOT YOUR BACK (since you got your baby bump in front)” MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE

We want this to be the kind of education you want/need for your best possible birth. If you get into the course and decide it’s not for you, just email [email protected] within 10 days from date of purchase to request a refund.* 

*refund limited to online course only, not in-person coaching or workshop if you've already received the service

"Thank you so much to Lisa for the excellent birthing classes. Lisa is extremely knowledgeable, but even more importantly, she is passionate about what she does. I really appreciated that she did not try to force any type of birthing scenario e.g. birth center vs hospital. She was so gracious in explaining...what could be expected in the different scenarios. The amount of information that she just fantastic. We were able to review that information in our personal time to refresh and enhance our knowledge. Much of what Lisa taught us came up during the labor and it helped that we had been through the course as it made us more calm. In fact...we knew so much more than usual that the PA and nurse were asking us whether we were in the medical profession! Thank you, Lisa, for making the birthing classes so useful and thereby aiding in making the delivery...much less daunting than it would have been. We highly recommend your classes!"

Andrea & Dwight

"My husband and I gained so much from this class! It is fast-paced with an incredible amount of confidence-building information delivered with warmth and humor. My husband said after our last class, "I can't imagine going through birth without this class!" I loved the experience of learning together with my partner, receiving coaching and practice in how to work effectively as a team through pregnancy, birth, and the first months with a newborn. We feel so much more prepared and empowered to make wise decisions in our medical care and parenting. Lisa...made learning accessible and enjoyable. I would highly recommend this class to anyone interested in improving their experience of birth and beyond!"

Brynn Wallace

"[Lisa's] approach is such a nice mix of positive energy and deep knowledge and experience, which we felt was just perfect for expecting parents. She covers a lot of information, and I was surprised at how quickly the time flew by...[While] her approach in general trends towards natural birth, which we found very helpful, she doesn't push her personal opinions or judgement at all, instead talks about a wide range of ways that parents can pursue this experience in an informed way."

Nette C.

This course is for you if:

  • You're expecting a baby and haven't ever taken a class
  • You need to binge-watch in order to beat the clock (=due date)! (Oops, but never fear, we're here!)
  • You prefer on-the-go, on-demand so you can squeeze class into your busy day -- while commuting, cooking, eating, putting on makeup, etc.
  • You prefer a private, on your own comfy couch, learning environment
  • You want to be prepared for any birth scenario so you can smartly navigate the unknown twists & turns labor often takes
  • You have schedule conflicts for an in-person class
  • There aren't any quality, consumer-based classes in your neighborhood
  • English isn't your first language (for either you or your partner) and you'd benefit from the ability to pause and translate
  • You're on bed rest or can't make it to a class for other reasons
  • You want to know your rights & learn strategies to make smart, informed choices toward an empowering + healthier birth for you and your family
  • You have a sense that giving birth might just be an opportunity to find inner strength you never knew you had
  • You have a sense that, just MAYBE, birth shouldn't be scary (like in the movies) and want that encouragement and knowledge to build that confidence & trust in the process


Click on each box below to see answers to questions people often ask before saying “Yeah, baby!!” to The Complete Course

With live classes, Lisa recommends completing the course no later than 36-37 weeks in your pregnancy. Here's the beauty of an on-demand online course, by contrast: you can benefit in BIG ways by taking it as early as you can so that you'll have plenty of time to assimilate and absorb the information (and review as much of the supplemental reference sheets and videos provided in the course). Then you can always go back and review later in your pregnancy. This is actually the most ideal scenario imaginable in terms of timing.

On the other hand, you can take the course as late as you need to. As long as you have around 15 hours to spare before you go into labor, you're good. So, do whatever works!

Lifetime of the course, including all updates! Meaning, if you have more babies down the road or even just want to review later in this pregnancy, it's all yours!

The recordings themselves take a total of around 15 hours, but how you pace is up to you! You could binge watch in 2-3 days if you need to, or spread it out over a few weeks.

These childbirth education classes are designed to prepare you for ANY birth scenario, from unmedicated to epidural birth to surgical (cesarean) "belly" birth. At the same time, it does -- as Lamaze birthing classes generally do -- have a bent toward trusting birth as a natural, physiological process and minimizing unnecessary interventions, which is the healthiest approach for parents & babies. 

No way! Just as every person bring personal life experiences and preferences to birth, there's no one "right" way to give birth. We'll go over administration, benefits, & risks of epidural and other interventions / medications so that you can make your own personal & informed choices.

Lisa recommends that you take these prenatal birthing classes with someone who will support you in labor; most of the partner references will be referring simply to anyone providing labor support (with the exception of a few points when there are recommendations for strengthening a couple's relationship). If there's no involved partner, then perhaps a friend, family member, or doula could take it with you.

The beauty of an on-demand course is you can just skip anything that doesn't seem relevant, but the vast majority of the content will be entirely relevant to single expectant parents or those whose partner doesn't plan to serve as labor support.

Investment: One-Time Payment of $349 (or $119 / 3 mths)

This course is beyond worth your time and resources, and without any risk. What d'ya have to lose?

Need help ordering or have questions? We're here for you! [email protected]

This course is NOT for you if:

  • You feel "meh" about the idea of investing time toward an empowering, positive birth experience
  • If too much information makes you feel anxious
  • You dislike lecture-style lessons or Powerpoint slides
  • You prefer to 100% trust anything your doc or hospital recommends rather than have to mess with learning all this stuff (that's why you hired them, after all)
  • You see giving birth as just a means to an end, something you have to "get through"
  • You’d rather be a passive, unengaged participant in giving birth rather than active and see no connection between this mentality and your approach to parenting
  • How birth plays out doesn't really matter that much to you

Package Options

Check out and select the best option for you.

The Complete Course ONLY


one-time payment (or $119/mth for 3 months)

The Complete 2-part Course

Practical (+ Awesome) Cheat Sheet Downloads

Hand-Curated Reference Items & Resources 

YouTube playlist with super-handy videos

Private Facebook Community group

All future course updates

Yes, 100% online is for me!

Complete Course + VIP Private Coaching Session


one-time payment (or $145/mth for 3 months)

The Complete 2-part Course (and everything else to the left)


45-min private, interactive hands-on comfort measures private coaching session (virtual via Zoom)

I want the absolute BEST for baby & me!

Complete Course + VIP Private Consult


one-time payment (or $136/mth payment plan for 3 months)

The Complete 2-part Course (and everything else listed in the course-only option)


30-min private Q&A consult (virtual - phone or video call)

Gimme VIP love!

Imagine what you’ll feel like when…

  • You gain clarity on the specific things you want (and don't want) for your BEST possible birth
  • You know your rights and make informed choices that you'll feel good about after birth
  • Your partner learns the above plus practical tips to expertly support you
  • Your relationship as a couple grows deeper & stronger to stand the "baby invasion" test
  • You feel equipped for caring for yourself & baby's wellness after birth
  • You have a birth & postpartum experience you wanna SING about from the mountaintops like Maria **cue The Sound of Music soundtrack**
    …or, if that’s not your groove, instead you’re eager to share every last detail on a girls’ (or guys’) night out!

That's what we aim to help you achieve with THE BIRTH MATTERS COMPLETE COURSE 2.0 with Lisa Greaves Taylor.

The big day will be here before you know it, so steer your journey toward an amazing superhero(ine) birth TODAY.

There's no better time to start getting ready.
You'll be so glad you did...guaranteed (literally)!

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